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Handprints and Footsteps is designed with the child in mind. It is not uncommon to see children singing to music, tossing a bean bag, or walking with moon boots. We believe that a healthy dose of "kid fun" can facilitate a child's progress. That's why our therapists always take the interests of each child into account and incorporate their favorite, age-appropriate activities into daily therapy. This is just one of the many benefits of an all pediatric facility like Handprints and Footsteps. We understand that kids will be kids and we work hard to help them stay that way.

We serve patients from birth to 21 years.

Physical Therapists focus on:
the evaluation of a child's musculoskeletal function, gait, posture, reflexes, and gross motor and sensory motor skills. They also assess the need for lower extremity orthotics, ambulation devices, or adaptive seating.

Occupational Therapists focus on:
a child's trunk and upper extremity functions, fine motor and sensory motor skills, visual perception, and daily living skills. They assess and provide positioning and adaptive equipment as well as upper extremity splints.

Speech Therapists focus on:
the evaluation of a child's speech, language, and swallowing skills. Speech treatment includes articulation, fluency, and motor control. Language includes increasing expresssive and receptive communication through verbalization, signs, and assistive technology.

Co-treatment Services
This is a session in which a physical therapist and an occupational therapist will work together to treat one patient.

Aquatic Therapy
We offer aquatic-based therapy, in conjunction with the Lincoln Racquet Club. We currently have 2 OTs and one PT with special training in treating children with disabilities in the water. These sessions can be in addition to the child's land based therapy, or can be water therapy only, depending on the child's needs.

speech therapy   aquatic therapy

physical therapy


physical therapy

occupational therapy

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