About Us

Handprints and Footsteps was founded 1994, by four pediatric therapists (2 physical and 2 occupational therapists) that worked in schools and hospitals. After several years of working in public schools, it became apparent to the therapists that many children needed services beyond those provided in the schools. However, at the time there were no private clinics in Lincoln that were specifically focused on children and their needs.

Today, three of the founding owners continue to treat patients and manage Handprints and Footsteps. Currently there are seven physical therapists, four occupational therapists, and four speech and language pathologists on staff. We also have two office staff, who handle billing, reception and additional responsibilities.

Our Hours of Operation are:
8:00AM-5:30PM Monday-Thursday
8:00AM-5:30PM on Friday with limited appointments available.

All Treating Staff at Handprints and Footsteps are Licensed Therapists.

Handprints and Footsteps, PC
5930 Vandervoort Drive, Suite A
Lincoln, NE 68516

Phone: (402) 420-2099
Fax: (402) 420-2823


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The Owners

Cathy Ebers, PT   
Diane Boney, OT   
Mary Ebers, OT

The owners are certified in Neurodevelopmental Treatment for children and infants.

The Staff

PTs: Cathy Ebers, Tera Sasso-Blahak, Chrissy Scheer
Jan O'Neil, Haeley Petersen, Sarah Kennedy, Kelsey Richters
OTs: Mary Ebers, Monica Pomajzl, Lindsey Purrington Metzger, Emily Zacharias Collins
Speech: Staci Stoehr, Abby Lantis, Kara Mulloy, Katy Mosier Deterding
Front Office: Reception Mary Hagood, Billing Deb Snyder

Directions to Our Clinic

Handprints and Footsteps, PC
5930 Vandervoort Drive, Suite A
Lincoln, NE 68516

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Handprints and Footsteps PC
5930 Vandervoort Drive, Suite A
Lincoln, NE 68516